Michael Petri

Hopeless but not serious with Thomas Ehgartner | 2017
Bridget Stern | Hamburg

The title „Hopless but not serious - Totum pro parte“ is refering to the common impetus of Thomas Ehgartner and Michael Petri.
Monocultures, occidental structural orders, the hypertrophy of information and its potential to polarize as well as the conservative backlash come together to form a multilayered survey that proofs in method and trial that its possible to overcome cynicism with a poetical approach. Additionally to the installative and sculptural work of theirs they present handpicked works from Marco Habeck, John Mirabel and Thorsten Tenberken.

„Man wechselt Ideen wie Krawatten; denn jede Idee, jedes Kriterium kommt von außen, je nach den Konstellationen und Zufälligkeiten der Zeit.“ (E.M. Cioran)

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